Sunday, November 11, 2007



What bird was at the wedding of Sean Penn and Dr Quinn medicine woman? Penguin

What bird's favourite song is Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash? Flamingo

Which bird’s food looks like a hubcap? Magpie

Which bird can’t decide on its own name? Albatross

Which bird is a particularly handsome master of martial arts? Steven Seagull

Which bird has seen you in the shower? Peking Duck

Which bird has sex with marsupials? Jabiru

Which bird’s favourite drug is ecstasy? Raven

Which bird is wanted by the police? Robin

Which bird flies around cliffs selling sexual favours? Whore-K

Which bird is scared of selling sexual favours? Chicken Whore-K

Which bird doesn’t know the lyrics? Humming Bird

Which bird is watching you right now? Stork

What kind of bird listens to reggae? A black bird

Did you hear about the two small flightless birds getting drunk at the pub? They were having a quail of a time

What bird sells shonky doors? Condor

1 comment:

Jimmy Hats said...

"What bird sells shonky doors? Condor"

Bit of double wordplay passive aggressive euthanasia.

"Fuck 'em, if they cross us, we wipe them out."