Sunday, November 11, 2007



What guy has to deal with crap on a regular basis? Colin

What guy just took a pill? Ian

What guy is always rehearsing but never plays a show? Benjamin

Which guy’s butt is best for playing percussion? Thomas

Which guy always wants to do it on the first date? Randy

Which girl never wants to drink tea? Tina

What guy is a little crazy? Lupe

Which girl denies the existence of a muslim god? Alana

Which guy is always cleanly shaven? Shaun

Which guy never tries too hard to win? Gavin

What woman is made of metal? Nicole

What guy should you not eat old meat from? Graham

What guy really knows who he is? William

Which guy steals girls? Nicholas

What guy is constantly telling stories? Yahn

What guy is neither hot nor cold? Luke

What guy loves housework? Dustin

Which chick is really generous? Sharon

What chick won’t sell you a house? Lisa

What chick is good at keeping secrets? Chantel

What chick has to have a lie down when she’s pilling? Elaine

What girl lets you see into the toilet? Lucy

What guy is half a joke? Joe

What guy can’t find Lee? Wesley

What chick is owed money by Rennai? Naomi

What chick hangs out in caves? Crystal

What chick makes you choose between her and the night? Naomi

What guy wasn’t as into it as the others? Douglas

What guy got sore after a burglary? Robert

What girl emails you rude photos of herself? Tiffany

What girl has got a mouth full of a Rasta god? Georgia

What girl’s not worth much? Penny

What chick only believes in heaven? Noel

What chick only stands up straight? Noelene

What guy is a child of a prostitute’s customer? Johnson

What guy doesn’t sit? Stan

What chick blows you away? Wendy

What guy cuts himself shaving? Nick

What guy is covered in cigarette butts? Ashton

What girl only drinks pints? Abigail

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